About us

Who are we ?

The Swiss Society of Aviation Medicine (SSAVmed) aims to bring together doctors interested in Aeronautical Medicine as well as other professionals and academics trained at scientific level for the purpose of exchanging specific experiences and contacts nationally and internationally. It is actively involved in the sustainability of Aeronautical Medicine from a scientific and regulatory point of view.

The Association is a Society according to the definition of art. 60 CO of the Swiss Civil Code. The Society has its legal forum at the place of domicile of the President.


a. Any doctor with a Swiss or foreign diploma can become an ordinary member. The written request must be sent to the Board.

b. Anyone interested in Aeronautical Medicine can become an extra-ordinary member.

c. Honorary member. The Board has the possibility of proposing the candidacy as an honorary member to the General Assembly of particularly deserving people at the level of Aeronautical Medicine or the good functioning of the Swiss Society of Aeronautical Medicine.

Membership fees

The amount of the membership fee is fixed each year at the time of the General Assembly.

Statutes and registration form

What do we do?

Ordinary General Assembly (GA)

The ordinary GA takes place annually, in principle at the end of the year and is convened by the Board.

The invitation is communicated in writing at least 14 days before the date, to each ordinary member at least and is accompanied by the tractanda.

Each ordinary member has the right to refer specific matter to the Board. Deadlines: at least 4 weeks before the GA.

Continuing education

1 to 2 courses are scheduled each year (see: current / calendar)


The Website is the official publication system of the Society.

The Website promotes specific exchanges with the Air Medical Section ( AMS ) of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation ( FOCA ), with the Air Medical Center ( AMC ) of the Federal Aeromedical Institute ( FAI ) in Dübendorf, as well as with the Air Medical Center ( AMC )  of the SWISS Medical Service in Kloten, and direct towards the links of the European Society of Aerospace Medicine (ESAM).

The information given on specific literature and conferences is relevant for the continuing education of Swiss medical advisers.

The purpose of the discussion forum is to promote interdisciplinary contacts between members. The languages are English, German, and French.

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